Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dinosaur Train Party

My neighbor turned 2 and he celebrated with a Dinosaur Train themed party.

The invitations were designed to look like tickets

 His mom hung one of the banners on the front door

Stickers were made for the goody bags. They said "Thanks for making my party Dino-mite"

 "Happy Birthday" Banner

The neighbor served pretzel sticks for dinosaur bones

deviled eggs for dinosaur eggs

Gold fish were for the "fish"-avores 

vegetable platter for the herbivores 

They picked these up from the local craft store and assembled them to hang above the kitchen counter

we bought white fondant and used coloring to get all the colors. We used cookie cutters for the different shapes and added the figurines to top it all off

 I think little buddy was very happy with his party


  1. how and where to order Dinosaur train stuff

  2. Email me at and you can make a personalized order